Mental health is a very sensitive subject to post about on social media especially when a poster chooses to make light of the suffering of others. Kanye West and Britney Spears, who both have a mental illness, have been the subject of numerous memes and jokes,  mocking their behaviors using terms like “crazy” and “insane.” 

Whether it is a celebrity, a stranger, or someone you know, it is important to always show empathy and respect in dealing with personal subjects such as mental health and substance use disorders.

Not to “Diagnose” Someone on Social Media

Mental illnesses are very complex and even seasoned professionals can have difficulty pinpointing an accurate diagnosis. Someone’s exhibiting abnormal behavior does not give us permission to label them with a diagnosis. Doing so can be devastating to the person being named, humiliate them and make their condition worse. It can also invite judgements and scorn from others, which will have a negative effect on the subject.

What Language to Avoid

Calling someone “crazy,” “insane,” “overmedicated” or using other insensitive language can perpetuate negative stereotypes of mental illness. It dismisses the pain of the suffering and belittles them. The stigma of such words can also prevent people from seeking the professional help they need to manage their symptoms.

Not Posting Sometimes the Right Thing to Do

While much progress has been made in developing understanding and empathy around mental health disorders, as a society we have a long way to go. It is important to cultivate a culture of empathy and understanding around mental health issues and those who live with them. Using social media to call attention to someone’s unusual behavior and labeling them using words such as “crazy” or “insane” only worsens the situation. In truth, only trained professionals can diagnose mental illness. So the next time you are tempted to post, share or retweet something that may cast a shadow of mental illness on someone, resist the urge and leave it to the experts.


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