So, you have decided to take a mental health day, but you are having trouble figuring out what to do. You have probably told yourself that you will have a mental health day, but then gave up on the idea when you realized that you are having money troubles. By thinking of low-cost ways to spend your mental health day, you will be encouraged to take more of them.


You may not want to go to a new gym knowing how expensive they can be. That should not stop you from working out at home. If you are a student, some gyms offer student discounts from free to very low rates. If you own or live near a pool, take a swim for about 20 minutes. There are also apps that have video workouts that you can view for free such as on YouTube or the FitOn app. If you like being outside, go for a run, ride your bike, or hike a trail near you. 

Take a Breather

It can be hard to find a place where you can be in complete silence, whether your family is always home or you are always at the office with other co-workers. If you find a quiet spot, practicing mindfulness is a good way to start your day off. By drawing your breath and breathing in and out, you will be able to focus on the present moment instead of your troubles. If you are the keyholder of your business, show up half an hour early before you open or visit a park where you can pray or clear your mind. 

Help a Neighbor

Having depression or anxiety can make you feel useless which can give you a lack of motivation. Finding someone who could use your help will make you feel happy that you can be there for someone. Look outside your neighborhood and think of anyone that may be of use. Maybe one of your neighbors is looking for a babysitter or another one may need someone to walk their dog. Taking care of others can improve your mental health in making yourself feel useful. Downloading an app like DEED can match you with volunteering opportunities where you can help make someone’s day. By choosing any of these fun low-cost activities to do on your mental health day, you will be energized and happy when you go back to work. 

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