The coronavirus has been scaring the world. Entire cities have been quarantined in China, and travel restrictions have been in place across the globe. It is essential to know the facts about this virus and not to be afraid. If you are scared, speak to your loved ones about your anxiety.

How Can You Make the Coronavirus Less Scary?

When we hear about a scary disease spreading rapidly in different parts of the country, we naturally think that we will catch it. Since this is a new virus, it grabs our attention more than something like influenza. The common flu is actually more deadly, having led to 15 million infections and 8,200 deaths. For comparison, the coronavirus has only infected 8,000 people around the world and led to less than 200 deaths. This shows that the flu is far more dangerous than this newfound virus.

How Can You Take Healthy Precautions?

The flu and coronaviruses are spread through human contact. If you are feeling sick, it is best to stay at home. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, ensuring that you take plenty of time in the process. If you are not near a sink, keep a pocket-size hand sanitizer with you at all times. Keep your immune system healthy with a balanced diet and seven to eight hours of sleep. It is also essential to exercise for 30-60 minutes a day three times a week. 

How Can You Avoid Media Overconsumption?

Always watching the news and tracking the spread of this virus will scare you. You will not be able to take your eyes or ears off of the disturbing, shocking news. Remember that news outlets make money by exaggerating the facts. Limit your consumption by only taking glimpses of the headlines on a newsfeed. Trust that scientists and public health officials know what they are doing to understand the virus better and reduce its impact. 

What are Healthy Ways to Cope?

No matter what is causing your anxiety, keep up with the coping skills you usually use. Try challenging your negative thoughts. Speak to a trusted friend or family member about what you are going through. Refusing to live your life in fear of the coronavirus is taking back control of your anxiety.

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