Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness or despair that negatively affect the way you think, feel, or behave. It can have real physical and mental health implications if left untreated. According to the National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH), “In 2017, an estimated 11 million U.S. adults aged 18 or older had at least one major depressive episode with severe impairment.” By learning about the ways depression can manifest in your body and mind, you will have a better understanding of the importance of seeking treatment for a happier, more serene life.

Irregular Sleeping Patterns

Laziness or a general lack of motivation are often symptoms of depression. Feelings of sadness, lethargy, and fatigue can make getting out of bed extremely difficult. When feelings of apathy for the world creep into the mind of those suffering from depression, the door for anxiety and emptiness is opened. These feelings keep you awake, making it difficult to silence the negative thoughts swimming in your head. Symptoms like this often lead to physical symptoms such as weight loss or indescribable pain.


When you are in a depressive state, you may lack the mental or physical energy to carry on with normal routines. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of depression. Getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, or going outside to run errands are monumental tasks. Activities that were once enticing and brought great joy are cast aside due to intense feelings of worthlessness.

Normal Routines

Those suffering from depression may have a hard time concentrating on their responsibilities. During a depressive episode, it is next to impossible to prioritize, plan, and execute tasks that need to be accomplished. This makes showing up for work, school, or our families an exhaustive battle. Feelings of guilt, pessimism, and sadness invade your psyche and encumber following through with the many responsibilities.

Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness or despair that negatively affect the way you think, feel, or behave. It can make it difficult to sleep, eat regularly, concentrate, and feel positive about the future. During an episode, it may seem like nothing can bring you out of that negative state of mind. Fortunately, there is hope. At Alta Loma, we understand how debilitating depression can be. Our transformative treatment center in Georgetown, Texas, offers individualized therapy, life and coping skills education,  and therapeutic recreational activities which are geared toward achieving psychological stability. Please give us a call at (866) 457-3843 for more information.