Doodling is when you make spontaneous marks with your pen or pencil to help yourself think. While we may be used to doodling unconsciously, it can also be done mindfully to help you relax and concentrate on the present moment. Doodling can get your creative juices flowing and help your mind be at ease for a better mood.

To Help Relax

Living in a pandemic can be stressful for our mental health, but doodling can give us something relaxing to focus on. A 2016 study found that after 39 university students, staff, and faculty made art, 75% had lower levels of cortisol in their saliva. It did not matter if their art had meaning or if it was just scribbling. Some of the participants were artists and some were not. It proved it does not matter how artistic you are, but doodling is a way to de-stress.

To Better Your Mood

With more people spending time indoors during the pandemic, this can lead to potentially addictive behaviors like binge-watching or being glued to your TV and computer screens. Doodling can end up being a pleasurable habit that stimulates your mind. A 2017 study from Drexel University saw that doodling, as well as coloring and free drawing, can activate the reward pathways in your brain. Doodling is a form of art that can put you in a better mood and distract you from developing addictive behaviors.

To Discover Our Frame of Mind

Doodling is a great way not only to show off your creativity but to see how you are feeling mentally. The eye, brain, hand, and nervous system are all working together. The writer is unconsciously revealing their psychological profile in the form of symbols on paper in front of them. It isn’t just about what we doodle, but how it is done. It can be based on where the doodle is drawn, how big, and the amount of pressure we put into it. You can learn all about your personality and mood but it is important not to doodle if you need to concentrate on something really important such as class — it can weaken your recall. Instead of doodling during an important meeting or class, use it as a meditative form of reflection on what you have learned during the day and where your mind is.

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