There are people who keep drinking alcohol as their nightly routine whenever they come home from work or when they invite people over. Drinking empty calories that are high in alcohol count can be very dangerous for your life long-term. By knowing what happens to your body when you drink beer every night, you will be convinced to get yourself into treatment.

How Can Drinking Beer Every Night Make You More Prone to Cancer?

According to Discover Magazine, alcohol is the third leading cause of death. The World Health Organization also says that alcohol can put you at risk for many cancers like the oral cavity, larynx, pharynx, liver, colorectum, oesophagus, and breast. It is not until a person drinks heavily that the risk to develop cancer becomes greater. That is why people who do not drink should not start drinking.

How Can Drinking Beer Every Night Cause Dependency?

Whenever a substance becomes part of your daily routine, it is only natural that you develop a dependence to it. It may be part of your routine to get a beer at every restaurant you go to or to grab a cold one when you return home from work. If you keep this up, you will feel depending on it whenever you feel the need to relax. So, imagine coming home and you have run out of cases of beer. You will start to feel on edge with no beer because that was always part of your routine and you feel like you cannot end the day without it. Having a dependency on beer does not mean that you will develop an addiction. It is only an addiction when you ignore the negative consequences that beer has had on your life.

How Can Drinking Beer Every Night Make You More Prone to Liver Disease?

Anytime you drink an excessive amount of alcohol, you run the risk of damaging your liver, leading a buildup of fats, inflammation, and scarring. Beer drinkers are more at risk of developing this disease compared to wine drinkers. The amount of alcohol that you drink makes a difference in the health of your body and your mind. The American Journal of Gastroenterology says that men who drink more than three drinks for longer than five years are likely to develop liver disease. By stopping excess drinking at going into therapy, you will be a much healthier person.

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