A breakthrough is when the client has made a realization about themselves in therapy. It can be them discovering what the root of their addiction or mental illness is and what kind of changes they need to make towards their life. By gaining a breakthrough in therapy, you will have a better understanding of who you are and what to be more aware of going forward.

What are Examples of Breakthrough?

One type of breakthrough is when you gain access to deeper feelings that you are harboring. You are finally opening up to your therapist about how you are feeling as you have spoken about a specific incident that made your worldview much clearer. Feelings like anger or sadness that have been buried for a long time have finally made an appearance. Another breakthrough can be realizing self-destructive patterns like getting involved with people who are bad for you or substance abuse. A third type is deciding to commit to a goal that you have always been afraid of going after and being who you are instead of someone else.

What are Breakthroughs Built On?

Breakthroughs are based on trust where you feel like you can tell your therapist anything. You can lower your shields to open up to your therapist about things you would never tell anyone else because you know that they would understand. A therapist’s office should feel like a safe haven where it is judgment-free and you can talk about anything without expecting a negative reaction.

What are Breakthroughs Based On?

Breakthroughs are based on goals. You may not always know what your goals are when you enter therapy. It is not until you go into it more, that you realize what your objectives are. It can be like improving your relationships with those around you or attending more 12-Step meetings. It may take weeks, months, or years to accomplish your goals, but at least you have a mission that you want to obtain in your life.

What Should Breakthroughs Feel Like?

Breakthroughs are based on the interaction that you had with your therapist. It can mean that you have reviewed your past with your therapist and found a new lease on life. You may not even notice you have a breakthrough until your positive acts evoke positive changes. Experiencing a breakthrough confirms you are on the cusp of changing your life for the better. 

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