The world we live in can be very tough. We are dealing with the anxiety of politics, social media, work burnout, and many other issues that therapists hear about. By knowing what people went through in 2019 according to the Huffington Post, we can hope for many of those issues to be resolved at the start of the new year.

Why Did People in 2019 Have Issues with Social Media?

There were many people who felt like they were not living up to the expectations of others on social media. Surrounding yourself online with the success of others can make you think that you are doing something wrong. When you are going on social networking sites all of the time like Facebook and Instagram, we cannot help but see a whole reel of accomplishments from people who are not us. People on social media do not realize that failures are normally not exposed online and may be happening to your friends offline. 

Why Did People in 2019 Have Issues with Online Dating?

Online dating comes with a lot of dissatisfaction. When we are presented with a lot of choices, that means that the chances of being disappointed in our choices could increase. Too many options can make it hard to make a choice in who to go on a date with. Another thing people tend to do after a disappointing date is ghosting that person where they never hear from them again. This can be disappointing if you felt like you had a good time on that date and have no idea what went wrong. 

Why Did People in 2019 Have Issues with Work Burnout?

In the workforce, people are dealing with how their work links with self-worth as well as balancing work with their relationships. Work consumes so much of our time that we feel there is little room to have fun. This shows that work can really do a number on our self-esteem and emotions.

Why Did People in 2019 Have Issues with Adjustment?

In 2019, people have had issues adjusting to divorce, the death of a family member, or the loss of a job. People are also having trouble adjusting to cultural changes in society which leads to feelings of instability. This causes others to have fears of the future. By knowing the issues that plagued others in therapy during 2019, we can hope to resolve them in 2020. 

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