You might expect to be happy after a big surgery. Unfortunately, surgery can also bring you stress and physical pain, leaving you depressed. You must address your depression with your doctor, friends, and family. These resources can help you bounce back and live the rest of your life in contentment.

Why is Post-Surgery Depression Common?

It is essential to know that depression after surgery is very common. Surgery can put us through a lot of stress, including costly medical bills and feelings of hopelessness. You may also be feeling a lot of physical pain and discomfort that can take a long time to heal completely. You may feel helpless as you depend upon friends, family, or caretakers. All these limitations can be a trigger for depression.

How Do You Address Post-Surgery Depression Before Surgery?

If you’re planning to undergo surgery, create a support system. Make sure that you have a therapist available or a friend who will visit you. If you already have a history of depression, talk to your doctor about how to better prepare. While we tend to focus primarily on logistical preparations, planning for your mental health should be a priority as well.

How Do You Address Post-Surgery Depression After Surgery?

If you are feeling depressed after surgery, you should spend some time outdoors. Make sure that you get enough sleep and eat healthily. You can also find good ways to pass the time like listening to music, reading a book, or watching a funny movie or television show. Pick up an entertaining board game to play with friends or relatives at home. The after-effects of your surgery can get worse if you do not talk to someone about your depression. Do not feel guilty or embarrassed about it – you are not alone in your feelings. By addressing your post-surgery depression, you can expedite your physical recovery as well.

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