Anxiety may sour your trip when you have too many worries that come with you. You may not like flying on a plane or you feel the need to call home multiple times. Instead of bringing your worries with you, you should make your anxiety toolkit to bring with you so that you can enjoy your trip without your anxiety symptoms getting in the way.


You can write in a journal to help relieve your anxiety. You can write when you are on the plane or when you are at your hotel room. You can use this as a way to express yourself and have fun by answering fun writing prompts. It can be a great way to pass the time if you are waiting for a flight or it is raining outside. It can also help you channel your frustrations into a book that you can write about your thoughts and feelings. Having a journal can be like venting to a friend and relieve whatever is bothering you off your chest.

Workout Clothes

Just because you are traveling does not mean that you should forget to exercise. Your body and mind will benefit if you go to the gym as soon as you wake up or go swimming for half an hour. Set goals that are not overwhelming and make exercise enjoyable by listening to music. Give yourself a healthy reward for finding the will to get active when you could have spend that time sleeping.

Anti-Anxiety First Aid Kit

Think about what helps or stops you from anxiety when you are home and bring those items with you on your travels. It can be things like scented candles to burn in your hotel when you are taking a bath, soothing music, comfortable robe, photos from home, self-help books, or a stress ball. Anything that will help keep you calm on your vacation. 


Pack more than enough medication for your trip. Traveling will always be unpredictable and there may be a lot of things that can go wrong or unexpected that can spike your anxiety symptoms. Your medication should be a good safety to have with you. If you are currently not on anti-anxiety medications, you should speak to your doctor about whether you need them for your trip. By bringing anxiety-reducing tools with you to keep calm, you will be able to enjoy every vacation.

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