When you confront your substance addiction and begin your journey to recovery, most friends and family members will be extremely supportive. The people in your life who truly care about your wellbeing will be excited to see you pursue a life path that will bring you emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Some people, however, might pose a problem. The “friends” who encourage your addictive behaviors or invite you into risky situations care more about themselves than you. Letting go of unsupportive friends will be difficult, but you deserve healthy and uplifting relationships, not ones that prevent personal growth.

Your participation in a 12-Step program, group therapy, or other substance abuse recovery groups does not restrict your social circle to include only individuals who are also in recovery. Close friends and family who spent time with you before you started treatment are often happy to see you prioritize your mental health.

They want the best for you and they will provide emotional and physical support to help you in recovery. When you’re having problems that that group cannot understand, reach out to your therapist or 12-Step group for support. Once you start your journey, you will find that both old friends and new ones are eager to help you.

People in your life who discourage your decision to pursue recovery only want to slow you down. They care more about maintaining their lifestyle or professing their own beliefs. If family members or friends discourage you from seeking professional treatment, they are not considering your health.

Distancing yourself from these people can be painful, but creating a safe environment in which you can build the path to sobriety is critical in recovery. Education on substance addiction and recovery may change their minds, causing them to recant and offer their support. Conversely, they may not change their beliefs. Nobody needs negativity in their life. Focus on the loving friends you do have and forget about the doubters. You’re strong and you can do it!

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