It is normally assumed that when you go to see a doctor for strange mental health symptoms you are exhibiting, the diagnosis you receive is the correct one. The truth is that it is more common than you think to receive a misdiagnosis and be prescribed medications to a condition you do not actually have. It is important to be completely honest about your mental illness symptoms for an accurate diagnosis and to not give up on finding out a real diagnosis to your mental illness.

How Does Misdiagnosis Occur?

A medical professional may be uncertain about the criteria for diagnosis. Some doctors may diagnose their condition with the most obvious answer after hearing about their symptoms. It is not always the doctor’s fault though. The patient may not be completely honest about all of the symptoms they experience and go unreported. They may not even be aware that these symptoms can make an impact on the diagnosis. There are other patients who may feel shame and embarrassment for their symptoms and are too ashamed to report them. 

What is Dangerous About a Misdiagnosis?

If you do not receive a proper diagnosis of your mental health condition, you will not get proper treatment and the condition could get worse if untreated. A misdiagnosis can also mean receiving the wrong medication. This medication can make your mental illness worse. For example, antidepressants can heighten the symptoms of people with bipolar depression when given the wrong prescription. 

How Do You Confront Your Doctor About Your Misdiagnosis?

If you feel like the treatment you are receiving after being diagnosed is not doing anything to calm down your symptoms, speak to another doctor for a second opinion. Make sure to begin treatment with a proper psychological assessment by a skilled provider who can identify your condition and provide you with an effective treatment plan. Have your family be there during your appointment to mention anything to your doctor that you missed out on. 

How Can You Help Your Doctor?

It is important to be open and honest with your doctor about your symptoms so you can receive the right course of treatment. Build a trusting relationship with your doctor so that you are comfortable disclosing information that will help you towards your journey of recovery. Being honest with yourself and your doctor will bring you the proper care you need for your mental illness.

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