Millennials are beginning to reconsider how much of a priority drinking alcohol is to their social life. For example, there is a dance community called “Daybreakers” with over 500,000 members that inspire others to dance in iconic spaces sober. PBS News Hours spoke with others about why it is that more millennials are growing disinterested in drinking alcohol to have fun.

Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington is the author of the book “Sober Curious.” She believes that alcohol consumption is going down because people are better educated about the effects of alcohol. They know that what we consume can affect the way that we behave. Now that people are more aware of the sober ways that people can have fun, they may not see alcohol as their only way to feel that way. You no longer have to accept hangovers as a part of life and can find new ways to have fun without feeling sick after.

Emily Nachazel

Wellness coach and yoga teacher Emily Nachazel has said that she goes through periods where she is not drinking or is at events where she chooses no alcohol. Nachazel believes that being sober is about wanting to get to know ourselves again without using alcohol and to be the healthiest we can be. Nachazel has even said that more men that she has dated have been fine with not going out for a drink and are good with getting coffee. 

Robin Ottaway

Robin Ottaway, President of Brooklyn Brewery, released its first nonalcoholic beer, Special Effects. People tend to drink when they socialize. Ottaway believes those moments can be longer if millennials do not consume beverages that will bring them negative effects. He believes that now is the perfect time to start selling Special Effects as the world is different now in regards to spending and consumption habits.

M.J. Gottlieb

M.J. Gottlieb created the app Loosid which helps connect people towards a sober life. Gottlieb has been sober for over seven years. It took her awhile to get to that place because she thought the only sober activities she could do is diners and coffee shops. Now, she is aware of the safe places that are around for people who want to achieve sobriety and made an app to help others do the same. Millennials are starting to realize there are more sober options out there that are fun to experience without alcohol.

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