As part of the 12 steps, step four is about making a search and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. Writing a memoir is all about looking into who we were and what brought us to who we are now. By writing a memoir about your addiction, you can not only fulfill one of your steps but look back on who you are and realize how much better you have become.

Benefits of Writing an Addiction Memoir

Writing a memoir about your addiction can give you insight about yourself and teach you things about your personality that you did not know before. Memoirs also have a way of making us immortal. If you are struggling with depression as well as addiction, you may feel like no one will notice you or care about you if you were not around. Writing a book can record your thoughts and feelings long after you are gone and can be read for generations and generations. Your memoir can also be something that you pass on. If you have a child and they end up succumbing to addiction, you can show them your book and they can learn how you overcame it. Once you write down all of the painful memories that brought you to your addiction, you can move on with your life.

Risks of Writing an Addiction Memoir

A memoir is not just about you, but the other people who impacted your life. If you are including real names in your memoirs like family or friends who wronged you or drug dealers, you could be facing a lawsuit or threats if any illegal activities are being shared there. It is important that if this book is to be published worldwide that you respect the privacy of other people. You can do this by changing the names or asking permission to use them in your book. You also may need to seek the help of a therapist if what you are revisiting in your writing will take an emotional toll on you.

How to Write an Addiction Memoir

You can make a detailed plan for all of the chapters in your book. You need to be able to sit down every day and write. Do not leave anything out of the first draft as you can take out or edit anything later. Writing a memoir can help you achieve the fourth step in self-discovery.

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