For some people, physical touch is not considered to be good for mental health. They may view it as others invading their space or feel vulnerable when someone gets too close to them.

However, consensual physical touch has numerous benefits for mental health that many individuals are unaware of. By learning about these benefits, you may be more open to sharing physical touch with the people you care about to facilitate healing.

Touch Boosts Positive Emotions

When you engage in physical touch with someone, you are more likely to adopt a positive demeanor. This is because physical contact induces positive emotions by helping you show compassion for others.

Others feel good because they are receiving compassion, and you feel good giving it. In fact, a study by the University of Berkeley found that human touch facilitates compassion and is a fundamental building block for human connection, health, and bonding.

Touch Offers Support and Brings People Together

Giving someone a gentle pat on the back or hug when you don’t have words to express your feelings can offer silent support for a friend in need. Touch can make us feel secure and protected, providing comfort in even the darkest of times. Without the external comforts that humans created, touch is all that is left to show support and sympathy. This can drastically improve mental health because you feel cared for.

Physical Benefits

Physical touch also has physical benefits that support mental and emotional wellbeing. For example, receiving a common touch from someone you love can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, and give you a general feeling of calm. This can support your mental health when you are experiencing severe symptoms or having a generally bad day by centering your mind and helping you feel less anxiety.

Physical touch has multiple benefits for mental health, but they are often overlooked or dismissed. By learning these benefits, you can take advantage of them for your own mental health and boost your overall healing. If you desire guidance on this subject, call Alta Loma Transformational Services. Our programs utilize various holistic modalities that provide men with the tools they need to succeed in mental health and substance use disorder recovery. Using individualized treatment techniques, your recovery will consist of tools you can use outside of Alta Loma too. Call us today to learn more at (866) 457-3843.