A new study recognizes that competitive and hostile people are more likely to use drugs or alcohol. Engaging in substance use depends upon risk factors like past life experiences, family history, and social environment. This study confirms that personality traits, such as competitiveness and aggression, are also risk factors for engaging in substance use. However, there is not a particular personality that is considered addictive.


The Myth of the Addictive Personality

Addiction does not discriminate and can affect anyone, regardless of their personality. The complexity of addiction involves risk factors at the mental, psychological, and physical levels. It’s not possible to predict the development of addiction due to risk factors. For example, some people occasionally use drugs or alcohol, while others use a substance once and crave their effects almost instantaneously. 

Addiction does not necessarily involve drugs since addictions to activities such as gambling exist. The addictive personality is a myth. Addiction is a brain disorder, and it is a disease that does not discriminate. 


The Connection Between Competitive Personalities and Substance Use

Although the notion of an addictive personality is a myth, there is a strong relationship between having an aggressive or competitive nature and engaging in substance use, particularly illegal drugs such as marijuana, hallucinogens, and cocaine. Conversely, people with patient and non-competitive personalities are much less likely to engage in substance use. Therefore, this personality type is a protective factor for using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. These conclusions signify an essential step in preventing substance use, as it could help therapeutic strategies focus on people’s personality treats. We can create specific psychological therapies and treatments to concentrate on the personality traits that influence substance use. 


Need Help Dealing With Addictive Personality Traits?

The research shows that personality traits are risk factors for substance use, particularly in those with anger issues or competitive attitudes. Where there are risk factors, there are also protective factors, such as patience and apathy. Furthermore, there is no such thing as an addictive personality, since addiction itself is incredibly intricate and individualized.


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