Yes, being happy is the ultimate goal here. Still, there is a difference between being happy in life and being happy at all times. Forcing a smile, or trying to “just cheer up” could actually be counterproductive to reaching the end goal kind of happiness. Not to mention, it’s just kind of annoying to hear. 


 Forcing smiles when we don’t need to serves little purpose outside of denying ourselves the right to experience our emotions. These emotions are what make us unique! Denying our own emotional expression doesn’t cause these emotions to go away. It just denies us the ability to process thoughts and causes on any level. So, be angry. At least for a little bit. 


Experience Emotions Safely

Anger and frustration are entirely healthy emotions. Whether it is anger, sadness, or annoyance – emotions are a part of us. But when experiencing these feelings, always keep in mind what is so upsetting. Sadness or anger without direction or a particular subject can be dangerous. It can cause an individual to act out in counterproductive ways, so identifying the source of the negative emotions is the first priority. If one cannot acknowledge the source, processing the experience, and healing from it can be challenging. Allowing the feelings to manifest in a safe environment with trusted people ensures that the healing process can move forward.  


Check For Patterns

 Processing negative emotions healthily can lead to a better understanding of what causes the feelings to surface in the first place. Is there a consistent concern or a particular place or person? Maybe there is a type of event that seems persistent when experiencing these negative feelings. The answer may not be immediately apparent. Still, working to identify causes is a necessary step in moving from processing the emotions to preventing them from resurfacing in the future. With that, the very first step towards that ultimate goal has already been taken.  

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