Reflecting on our family’s influence can be challenging, painful, and rewarding. This process allows us to see how parental patterns have impacted our behavior, beliefs, and attitudes. However, each generation carries the opportunity to heal, improve, or end the patterns of the previous one, which is an incredible gift. Consider the masculine or male role models you had, and the effect they had on your communication, emotional sharing, and the ability for consistent, physical presence. 


 Was communication withheld, hurtful, harmful, or overly and inappropriately expressed? What were the tone, frequency, and feeling of the speech that was shared growing up? Did words invoke fear, shame, or sadness? It is true that how things are said can have far more impact than what is said. 


What can be said or expressed differently, moving forward? Words have healing power.

Now, look at emotions and how love was shared. What feelings were shared in the home? Was love felt? Was there physical affection and safety in sharing frustration, fear, and joy? If there was, how can this continue? 


Expressing emotions and love is vulnerable and takes tremendous courage, but it also creates safety and heals families. What feelings and love can be shared? 

The consistent, physical presence of the masculine role models in our life plays a huge role in our ability to be just as reliable. It can also inspire us to start showing up if we didn’t have it. Was the presence of this figure felt? What actions or commitments need to be improved upon? 


Doing the work of everyday life, and showing commitment to family creates trust and stability. Where does there need to be more presence? What is the status of showing up for responsibilities?

Navigating the commitment to be better, and generational healing patterns takes effort, vigilance, honest self-examination. The intention is to keep growing, learning, and enjoying the gift of embodying the beautiful masculine traits of those who came before us. 


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