Reserving time to focus on yourself is critical in early recovery. As you progress, however, you can switch autopilot on and dedicate more of your time to others. Your family loves you, and they understand that you needed to focus on yourself when you started in recovery. Now that you are mentally and emotionally stronger, you are ready to reenter your family’s lives. Remember that reintegration is taxing on both you and your family. Approach the process with respect for their feelings.

Slow and Steady

Your family members struggled during your addiction, and they may be hesitant to accept you back into their lives. Do not push them to involve you in their affairs if they seem reluctant. Waiting is tedious, but forcing your family to share their lives may inspire lasting resentment. They love you, and you love them. Just as they gave you space to heal, you need to allow them the same opportunity.

Show your family how much you care through your actions. Listen when they confide in you, participate in family events, and partake in chores and other household responsibilities to show that you are a reliable member of the family. Don’t neglect your own mental health needs, either! Your loved ones value your health, and you should, too.

Be Present, Be Honest

Your family is so happy that you are finally on the path to wellness. They may have some questions about your journey, regarding both your addiction and your recovery. When they ask, provide honest answers. Lying will only hurt your mental health. If you would prefer not to share information with your family, it’s okay to be honest about that, too.

Your journey in recovery is only yours, and your family will respect your privacy. They may also want to share their frustrations or sadness caused by your previous behavior, and they deserve to be heard. Inviting a therapist to join the conversation is often a good idea.

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