Mental health is not something to take lightly: it’s an ongoing journey toward self-acceptance and growth. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself—you don’t need to strive for perfection; just recognize the small wins that come with effort! 

At Alta Loma, we don’t just treat mental health disorders; we strive to empower our clients to discover the Power of Acceptance and unlock a powerful secret: embracing each moment exactly as it is. This mindfulness practice can help us approach life with openness, curiosity, and non-judgment—all keys to unlocking more joy in our lives!

Here are our tips on the Power of Acceptance and why it matters when addressing a mental health disorder.

Mental Health doesn’t improve on its own. It takes time, practice and patience

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How to Stop Chasing Perfection While Still Improving

Every moment of every day is another chance for us to make a decision that can drastically alter our lives. The challenges that come from holding these decisions to a standard of perfection are nothing new. Trying to do what feels right or what others say is right can put us in a state of decision paralysis.

Instead of addressing the alterations or perfect treatment with self-care, the professionals at Alta Loma will examine economic, genetic and other measures that entrap your mind from being free. 

How Acceptance Ties Into Mental Attitude

Learning how to harness the power of acceptance allows us to see the world through our own eyes, without the influence of those around us. For some, it’s similar to waking up one day with a new superpower that gives the ability to control life.

How? By stepping away from pursuing unattainable perfection and seeing how reality compares to what has been told.

One must understand that some things (like mental health disorders) are out of our control. Stop resisting the fact that mental health treatment is a weakness when it’s a true strength—accepting today, at this moment, that something outside our walls is holding us back is how to move forward to a better you, a better relationship and a better understanding of why mental health affects every aspect of life. 

Man accepting he needs help with his mental health at Alta Loma in Georgetown, TX

How to Let Go and Practice Acceptance

Focus on What Plagues Your Mind

Everyone has their own personal tipping point – the moment when something no longer feels neutral, and we must take action. How does acceptance fit into all of this? 

Go through a “normal day,” and think about how specific actions impact life. It doesn’t have to be life-changing; simply focus on the actions’ effect.

Acceptance is knowing that not everything will change on a vast scale, but it will change things on a personal level. When the expiration of action and acceptance of action occurs, we call that a Break Through in Therapy, but others call it a hallelujah moment. 

Improving Self-Respect and Self-Esteem

The power to change a negative perspective into one that’s more positive and full of hope will alter your standpoint on mental illness. When aware of this choice, we can make things happen that we think are impossible just by doing it in a way that works for us.

Stop trying to be perfect and impress that random person; you’re on the path to accepting yourself and the rest of the universe. Use that freedom to consider how to live life in a way that impresses you, not them.

These steps of acceptance are just that — steps.

If they don’t work, Alta Loma is here!

It’s Impossible to Control Everything

Life can often feel like a roller coaster, but it may seem like an even wilder ride for those with mental health issues. Accepting the twists and turns that come your way is key to dealing with life’s unpredictability positively.. This includes what others think.

Life can be unpredictable, flipping our agendas and plans in moments. Whether it’s an important business endeavor or building strong relationships, the results sometimes differ from what we had expected, no matter how hard we’ve worked to reach that goal.

It’s important to remember that acceptance isn’t saying ‘we’re okay with the outcome.’ Instead, it means acknowledging our feelings about the situation but finding peace that we’ve done all we can.

You Can Unleash the Power of Acceptance

We all know how influential social media and television are when it comes to what we think will bring happiness into our lives. For some of us, those ideals are perfectly aligned. For those who still feel something’s missing, it may be time to stray from the beaten path.

Everyone is different and will have different needs as we progress through life, something society as a whole is struggling to accept.

Instead of chasing the unattainable goal of perfection, strive to accept that every little step is a giant leap for what’s to come. 

Don’t wait around for someone else’s stamp of approval. You’ve got the power to take your dreams and make them reality. You’ve got the power to take your dreams and make them a reality. You’ve got the power to take your dreams and make them a reality.

Hands in a group showing the power of acceptance and what it can unleash for you!

Start Your Journey to Acceptance at Alta Loma

We’re here to help guide you along the way. It’s difficult to unlearn the habits and biases we’ve heard for years, but times have changed, and more and more people are doing what they love.

Whether it’s a lifelong struggle with a mental disorder or the recent development of substance abuse habits, there’s always something you can take charge of. For everything else, there’s Alta Loma.

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