Not only can drugs and alcohol ruin a person’s health, but they can ruin your career, as well. Working while under the influence can lead to physical and mental difficulties that can lead to unemployment if left untreated. By going into addiction recovery treatment, you can save your career and your life.

How Drug Addiction Can Be a Problem in the Workplace

Drug or alcohol addiction can negatively impact a business. Employees who are addicted to drugs or alcohol tend to call out from work a lot if they are not feeling well from substances they took. This can force businesses to call temporary workers to come in until that person feels better. Intoxicated employees can perform poorly and corrections need to be made if the work is not satisfactory. If an employee shows up to work sick as a result of withdrawal symptoms like severe headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms, it is unlikely they will be able to perform duties efficiently. Also, employers will have to pay more in workers’ compensation if the employee under the influence keeps injuring themselves. Poor performance often means there is no chance for a promotion or possibly a demotion. They may find themselves unemployed.  

How Drug Addiction Can Create Legal Problems 

If an employee is convicted of drunk driving, this can mean higher premiums, the need for conviction insurance, or even a complete ban from driving. Having a drug addiction can lead you to make impulsive choices such as being violent or other decisions that can haunt you for the rest of your life and affect current and future employment. Businesses should not have to pay for someone else’s legal issues. 

What Employers Can Do

It should be the responsibility of an employer to let managers know to watch out for the signs of someone under the influence or intoxicated so they can know to take action. Support and help should be available from employers — they should be able to refer an employee for treatment. 

Drug tests need to be made available in the workplace to ensure that employers are not under the influence. The health and safety of workers around you should not be compromised over something as treatable as addiction. By seeking addiction treatment, you are thinking not only of yourself but the careers of those around you and making sure the business you work for continues to thrive.

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