As we are entering the new year, we reevaluate the past decade as we go onto a new one. One thing that the 2010s changed was the way that we see mental health and how it needs to be taken care of. Since the 2010s helped introduce mental health importance to this generation, much more can be done in the next generation.

How Did the Deaths of Celebrities Teach the 2010s About Mental Health?

In the 2010s, we lost plenty of celebrities to suicide like Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, and Kate Spade. The deaths of these beloved celebrities brought more awareness of how dangerous it is when our mental health issues are untreated. It’s proved that mental illness can affect anybody no matter what age or financial status a person is. Unfortunately, a suicide contagion takes place when there are so many news bulletins about these celebrity deaths that it causes others to take their own lives as well. You would think that more would be done to prevent suicide not just because of the people who took their own lives, but the people who were affected by them.

How Did the News Teach the 2010s About Mental Health?

The 2016 election, also known as the war between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, brought upon a lot of stress towards American citizens.  According to a study by the University of Michigan, three political events including the 2016 election and the 2017 inauguration brought stress on medical interns just as much as their first week of medical training. Reports on sexual assaults, massive shootings, racism and climate change all affected the mental health of people watching these news updates. 

How Did Social Media Platforms Teach the 2010s About Mental Health?

There is more awareness now of how social media can impact our mental health. Online bullying is still on the rise with social media platforms. People are still comparing themselves to their online friends and feeling like they do not measure up. Fortunately, there is the positivity of social media on mental health in that more people are feeling comfortable sharing their experiences. Social media can also provide a number of resources to connect with others towards mental health groups where people can share their experiences and help each other. More can still be done toward mental health treatment awareness. Breaking the silence last decade can bring hope towards the new decade.

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