Concern about relapse is common for recovering addicts and their loved ones. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 40-60 percent of those in recovery will relapse. ( There are many causes for relapse and practices to help prevent the possibility. 



Addiction is a chronic disease, and recovery is a life-long process. Relapses are a setback, and shouldn’t be viewed as a failure in the addict.

Just as recurrence can happen with any other disease, relapse in addiction recovery is a genuine possibility. The odds of relapse are also increased if a person has been using substances for an extended period. 



The cause of a relapse is due, in part, to environmental and mental health triggers

  • Environmental factors:
    • Loss of structure.
    • Not following the treatment plan.
    • Disruptions in daily life and the interruption of a daily routine.
    • Returning to the same friends, places, and environment associated with drug use.
    • Unemployment. 


  • Mental health factors:
    • Fatigue and stress.
    • Physical pain requiring pain medications.
    • Untreated psychiatric disorders.
    • Not following the treatment plan due to depression or other mental health disorders.
    • Lack of meaning or purpose.


What helps people stay on the path of recovery and sobriety:
  • Adhere to the comprehensive treatment plan outlined at discharge from the facility.
  • Manage triggers with support groups, practice, and a commitment to yourself.
  • Stay plugged into a social network, community, and support system.
  • Hold yourself accountable and being honest about your recovery and triggers.
  • Care for your wellbeing.
  • Practice patience, as recovery from the chronic disease of addiction takes time and practice.


While relapses may occur, adhering to your treatment plan works. It is vital to have support systems in place and focus on future goals. By staying on track, it is possible to reduce the risk of relapsing.


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