For individuals who enjoy exercise, sports, and working with others to accomplish a common goal, team sports are an excellent option to bolster their recovery. You don’t have to be good at sports to reap the benefits; you just need to have a positive attitude and willingness to engage with your team. From there, you can begin to see how engaging in team sports benefits your recovery process.

Improved Mood

It is known that exercise can lift your mood because of the endorphins it produces. When you engage in physical activity, your brain releases “feel-good hormones” that lift your mood and leave you feeling more energized. These feelings are bolstered even more if you participate in a sport you enjoy.

Working With Others

Those who have struggled with addiction often have problems openly trusting other people. This can stem from a fear of being hurt again or a bad experience, but team sports can help these individuals learn how to get along well with others. Collaborating to accomplish a common goal and supporting one another during the sport will help these individuals transfer those skills into everyday life and recovery.

Adding Structure to Your Day

In treatment, you typically stick to a schedule that maps out the week’s activities each day. There are usually blocks of time specifically for free time, which you can take to engage in fun, sober activities or reflection. If you are no longer in treatment, participating in a team sport can add some structure to your day. This will help you keep your priorities in order and keep you motivated in your recovery.

Learning to Accept the Losses

Life is all about ups and downs. While it would be nice to win all the time, it is essential to understand that there will be times that things do not go your way. Team sports can help you learn to accept this feeling while still having the support needed to get through the day. Even if you make a mistake during the game, your teammates will still appreciate your efforts and treat you as one of their own; this is a crucial lesson for those healing from addiction.

While in treatment for addiction, many individuals work to find sober activities that they enjoy and benefit their overall recovery. Team sports are incredibly beneficial for the recovery process. They help teach interpersonal skills, provide exercise, add structure to your day, and help individuals learn to accept the losses. Alta Loma Transformational Services in Georgetown, TX, wants you to find sober activities you enjoy. Join the men at our facility and create a bond that will give you support in recovery. Call us today at (866) 457-3843 to learn more.