They say that you are what you eat. Healthy foods will make you feel healthy, but junk food will make you feel like junk. Next year, Infinite Recovery Austin plans on doing a study to see if diet plays a role in staying sober.

The Roots of the Infinite Study

The right nutrients in food will give your body healthier outcomes and can help major organs help from the damage substance abuse caused. Losing weight and lowering your cholesterol will increase your self-esteem which will make you less anxious and depressed, making it easier to stay sober. In 2012, Adam Suds battled substance abuse for ten years. When he decided to take control of his life, Suds put himself on a plant-based diet and it made a difference. Suds realized that he always had the power to change his life and that he has never been broken.

The Best Foods for Addiction Recovery

Foods with the amino acid tyrosine will be converted to dopamine during the digestion process. Examples include bananas, sunflower seeds, soybeans, lean beef, pork, lamb, whole grains, and cheese. Foods rich in l-glutamine offer immune system and antioxidant benefits as well as reduce sugar cravings. Foods like dark, leafy greens, beets, carrots, beans, brussell sprouts, celery, papaya, beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, and eggs are rich in this amino acid. 

Foods packed with antioxidants build up your immune system after addiction-related damage and speed the body’s cleansing process during detox and withdrawal. Examples include berries, leeks, onions, artichokes, and pecans. It is also important to eat foods that boost GABA levels to promote relaxation like shrimp or cherry tomatoes. Foods with tryptophan can help put you in a happy mood like cheese, turkey, tuna, lentils, etc.

What Will Happen in the Infinite Study

Researchers will study 100 patients in early recovery at an inpatient rehab center at Infinite Recovery Austin. Some will be fed a plant-based diet and others will be fed food already offered. The study is not just about taking drugs out of your system, but reconnecting emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. It is about how the structure and discipline around food can play a role in someone’s recovery and make it long-lasting. Researchers plan on recruiting up to 100 people for about a year for this study to take effect and see how the effects of diet can influence the success of your recovery. 

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