Pink cloud syndrome is the stage during early recovery where you feel confident and excited about your recovery. The problem with the pink cloud phase is that it does not last forever. It is important to learn how to pick yourself through your recovery once this stage is over.

The Symptoms of Pink Cloud Phase

If you are feeling great at the start of your recovery, this could mean you are pink clouding. You suddenly become open to what life has to offer and look forward to every day. You could be feeling calm or peaceful, confident in your ability to maintain sobriety, commit to positive lifestyle changes, and overlooking the hard work necessary to be sober. 

The Good and Bad of Pink Cloud Phase

Addiction can provide a lot of negative emotions as well as making you feel numb and hard to enjoy anything. Pink clouding causes you to change your perspective into a positive one. If you have not been feeling happy or excited during your addiction, pink clouding can be a pick me up. You are now getting back in touch with emotions that you did not know you can feel again. 

The negative aspect of pink clouding is that it does end at some point. You will deal with the challenges of everyday life like work, managing chores, interacting with your social circle, and committing to your treatment program. You may wonder what the point is of your sobriety if you have to deal with life challenges that you have been trying to get away from.

Making the Most of Pink Cloud Phase

You can carry these positive feelings with you through a journal. If you are feeling down and low during your recovery, write something to your future self to help yourself be happy again. You know who you are better than anyone so only you will know what will pick you back up. Think about trying small goals instead of ones too big for you like committing to nine hours of sleep, improving your eating habits, joining 12 step meetings every week, etc. Let go of what you think you should do and take everything one day at a time. Remember to get extra support whenever you are feeling like your recovery is impossible. It is important to enjoy the pink cloud phase while it lasts to achieve a successful recovery.

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