Businessman Frank Huntley was already living a wonderful life with his business, wife, and two kids. He liked making real-life models of classic horror characters on Halloween like Michael Myers and Frankenstein’s monster. It was not until Huntley understood the true horrors of opioid dependency that he used his hobby of building models to create Skeleton Man to educate others on opioid addiction.

The Moment That Changed Frank Huntley’s Life

In 1998 while Huntley was driving, his arm jumped out of its socket and needed two major surgeries to repair it. Since his work involved a lot of upper body work, Huntley was in a lot of pain. His doctor prescribed him with Percocet. While on Percocet, his doctor decided to change his prescription to Oxycontin. It started as 20 milligrams of pills in the morning and led to tolerance and craving for more pills. Huntley was suffering from withdrawal symptoms for which he was given methadone for nights. He was feeling tired, moody, and sick. Huntley was losing everything like his business and his marriage.

Frank Huntley’s Recovery and the Birth of Skeleton Pill Man

In 2012, Huntley’s doctor left his practice and his new doctor helped him come off pills and teach him non-medication strategies to ease his pain. Huntley attended a Narcotics Anonymous meeting for an opportunity to tell his story. Using a fake skeleton and pill bottles he has kept over the years, Huntley used nearly 300 bottles that were labeled Percocet, Oxycontin, and Methadone to make up his brand new model. This Skeleton Pill Man would be used to help tell Huntley’s story. 

Skeleton Man Today

Currently, Huntley is using Skeleton Pill Man as a way to raise awareness of how dangerous opioid addiction can be and how it has the potential to ruin your life. Huntley started a nonprofit to raise money so he could travel with Skeleton Pill Man and talk to people about the reality of opioid addiction. You can see Huntley taking Skeleton Pill Man to different communities and encouraging others to share their story on his Facebook page, PillManHelps. It is important for doctors and patients to be aware of when a powerful medication is necessary. Huntley says that Oxycontin used to be just for cancer and chronic pain patients, being used now for everything. Skeleton Pill Man can inspire others to turn to recovery to save your life. 

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