Letting your child drive drunk can be a deadly mistake. Alcohol can impair your reaction time, vision, and judgment. By preventing your teen from driving drunk, you could be saving their lives and the lives of others on the road.

What is the Best Way to Lay Down the Rules of Alcohol Use and Driving?

Let your teenagers know that they cannot drink at all, especially behind the wheel. Explain to them that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drive while intoxicated. Talk about the consequences of drunk driving, like jail time, expensive fines, or losing your life in a car accident. Create an agreement between you and your child that these rules are for their own safety.

How Can You Practice What You Preach?

Start by setting a good example for your child by not drinking excessively in the house. Make sure that you do not let any of your guests be drunk, especially in front of your children. Avoid making any jokes about drinking as you do not want to make light of a serious subject. Try not to make any comments like how you can use a drink after a hard day. These seemingly minor things teach your kids that alcohol is not a serious subject.

Why is it Important to Educate Your Child on Drinking State Laws?

Until they get the facts, your kids may not believe you when you talk about how dangerous it is to drive under the influence. For example, Texas has a zero-tolerance policy for drunk drivers under 21. A first conviction could mean a fine up to $500, a minimum 60-day suspension on their license, and 20-40 hours of community service. You would also be required to take part in an “Alcohol Awareness Course.” This information should scare your kid enough to be sober behind the wheel. If you feel like your child has a severe alcohol problem and they cannot stop, talk to a family doctor. They may refer your child to a psychiatrist or a mental health counselor to treat the problem. Talking to your child about their alcohol problem can prevent a tragedy from occurring.

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