It could be very upsetting when people cancel plans on you or you see a group of your friends having fun without you on social media. You could be suffering from anxiety and depression as well as low self-esteem if you think that everyone hates you. By surrounding yourself with positive people and remember who you are, you will see that you are loved more than you think.

Why Should I Be Around Positive People?

You should always surround yourself with people who enjoy your company. It can be people who are not afraid to give you compliments and invite you to different events. Cut toxic people out of your life who make you feel bad for being yourself and keep letting you down. If you notice that people in your social group are not inviting you to enough social events, it shows that these are people who are not worth crying over. It is best to be around people who want to be with you. 

What is the Benefit of Journaling Your Interactions?

People with anxiety or low self-esteem tend to focus on the negative more than the positive. Whenever you interact with your friends or family, document those interactions in a journal. This way, you can see these interactions the way they really are. You may be surprised at how many positive people are in your life without knowing. Depression tends to cloud what is actually happening and gives you a distorted picture. Read your own words out loud and see the truth for yourself.

How is Self-Encouragement Helpful?

It is important to be your own cheerleader. Not only do you think everyone hates you, but you also hate yourself. You can learn to love yourself again by looking back on your accomplishments and all of the skills you have that others around you do not. Give yourself a pep talk in the morning before you start your day or write down self-aclimations on sticky notes to hang on your mirror. Tell yourself that you are worth fighting for. You can also find opportunities to help other people. When this happens, you will be given praise for selflessly giving up your time and energy for a worthy cause. This will show you that there is someone out there who loves and appreciates you. Remember to focus more on the good people in your life instead of the bad.

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