Known as Wolfgang Gartner, producer Joey Youngman was at the top of his game, performing at festivals like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra, Electric Forest, and Creamfields. Despite his decade-long success, Youngman was also struggling with ecstasy addiction. While Youngman may have had his drug addiction challenges, he still says that he has an “optimistic future” ahead of him.

How was Joey Youngman’s Drug Addiction Linked with Anxiety?

Youngman has publicly admitted he was compensating for his underlying anxiety and other mood issues to make himself happy and comfortable in social situations. During his first Coachella performance, Youngman told his psychiatrist that he needed to be prescribed something to help him with overwhelming anxiety and depression. The larger the audiences got, the more pressure he was under, which increased his addiction to drugs.

What Happened When Joey Youngman Relapsed?

Youngman was eight years sober until 2010 when he was playing his first-ever Coachella performance. He saw an open beer at a party and started to drink it without thinking. The next night, he began the habit of doing drugs before every show to self-medicate his anxiety. Ecstasy became the only thing Youngman thought of. It was no longer about doing drugs to better his performance, and drugs became more important than his music.

What was Joey Youngman’s Recovery Like?

When Youngman realized he had an issue that he could not solve on his own, he checked into a rehab facility in August of 2019. Youngman came to this decision alone, as no one else but his manager even noticed his addiction. He remembered being woken up at six in the morning and having to respond to authority, which Youngman was not used to. Youngman was determined to remain sober to avoid wasting the money he paid for rehab.

Youngman was about to quit the music industry altogether, as he felt like musical performances were contributing to his addiction. Then, after a conversation with his dad, Youngman remembered that music was the most important thing in the world to him. His new single “Supercars” recently came out with the six-track EP “Tucson.” Youngman advised that if musicians feel they need drugs to be better at their craft, help is available and recovery is possible.

Joey Youngman discovered that his drug use was as a result of underlying anxiety. Alta Loma is the perfect treatment facility for co-occurring conditions. This program can provide you with an array of options like individualized therapy, recreational activities, medication management, life skills, long-term care, and more. For more information, please call us at (866) 457-3843.