Alcohol abuse can be an easy killer for those who have heart problems. The American Heart Association’s Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2020 Scientific Sessions says that 72% of hospitalized patients under the age of 54 who had abnormal heart rhythms were more likely to die from alcohol abuse before they were discharged. If you are suffering from heart problems and you have a drinking problem, it is important for you to get help now before alcoholism causes serious consequences.

The  Dangers of Arrhythmias for Those With Alcoholism

An arrhythmia is when the heart beats too slowly, too quickly, or erratically. When electrical impulses are unable to move through the heart the right way to produce a steady heartbeat, arrhythmia is developed. Drinking can damage cells and cause small amounts of fibrous tissues around the heart which leads to irregular heartbeats. 

What Happened in the Study 

A study on alcoholism that took place at Griffin Memorial Hospital, in Norman, OK, was the first to see the link between alcoholism and the death of those with irregular heartbeats. The deaths of 15,000 patients were reviewed who had heart arrhythmia from 2010-2014. One in ten patients were diagnosed with alcohol abuse disorder. The results showed that arrhythmia patients were more likely to die in the hospital if they had clogged arteries, diabetes, or were between the ages of 45 and 54. Patients hospitalized were also 72% more likely to die of any cause before discharge if they already had alcohol abuse or dependence. 

Preventing More Deaths in Arrhythmia Patients With Alcoholism

Physicians should educate arrhythmia patients, who also suffer with uncontrolled alcoholism, about the risks of hospitalization and death. Strategies need to be formed to tackle alcohol use when it becomes problematic in order to improve health-related quality of life. Further studies are needed to study the dangers of arrhythmia in social drinkers. This study also does not show the relationship between alcohol and arrhythmia patient deaths. Avoiding alcohol is the safest choice if you are suffering from arrhythmia as medications you are taking, such as acenocoumarol or warfarin, could be compromised when drinking. If you have arrhythmia and are having trouble controlling your drinking, beginning therapy could help you learn to stay away from alcohol. By doing something about your alcoholism, you are protecting your heart and the quality of life. 


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