A part of addiction recovery that often goes unspoken is the fact that we change as people. We learn more about who we are, we reinvent ourselves, and we create a life that’s more fitting to what we want. In many cases, this involves a change in social networks. The people we used to abuse substances with simply no longer fit into our life anymore, and new connections take hold. Life begins to shift more towards a recovery/sobriety perspective, and this does change everything. Although this will feel like a major change, it’s something that you should embrace, not fear.

Identity Seeking: A Common Experience

Previous studies have found that self-identity is a common theme explored for those in addiction recovery, and is found through various means such as 12-Step programs and therapy. Some common experiences people have in addiction recovery include:

  • A sensation of being able to “restore” our previously positive identity, the one that was there before addiction took over
  • Greater strength and love in building community through 12-Step programs
  • Enhanced resilience after the first month of sobriety, which is often the hardest
  • Changing from a personal perspective of being an “addict” to a “person in recovery”
The Healing Process

Oftentimes, these aspects of identity and healing are hard to grasp because we want to easily pinpoint who we are and where we’re at in life. As human beings, we crave the labels that come with us throughout life such as a “brother,” “husband,” “businessman,” or whatever other labels have been placed on us. These labels may have made it easier for us to identify who we are and what our place in the world is. What comes with recovery, however, is this stripped-down version of ourselves without these labels which forces us to focus on strictly ourselves as human beings. We begin to think about what our beliefs, attitudes, and values truly are. The reality is that we’re all going to make mistakes, and the mistakes of our past don’t have to weigh us down any longer.

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