Have you found yourself drinking more than you mean to on a regular basis because the usual amount you consume is never enough? What happens when you begin drinking what would be considered “too much,” and that still isn’t enough? It can be easy to overlook your drinking habits and live in denial of having an addiction. However, there is a reason the saying “One is too many and a thousand never enough” is popular in addiction circles. There comes the point when no amount of alcohol is ever going to be enough, and this is often a red flag pointing to addiction. If you have found yourself at this point, it is crucial to reach out for help before wreaking further havoc on your life.

Trying to Control Your Alcohol Consumption

It can be easy to look back and understand that you had one too many the night before. You may even tell yourself that from now on, you’re only going to have one drink. However, trying to control your alcohol consumption when you are already struggling will almost inevitably result in a relapse. You may go one night without drinking, but you will most likely return to the bottle when life becomes too stressful, or you had a bad day. This is why it is crucial to honestly look at yourself and ask if you have a problem.

Looking for Signs of Dependence

When you come to the point of realizing that no amount of alcohol is ever going to be enough, it could be time to sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself. Having a higher tolerance to substances such as alcohol could point to having a substance use disorder. Knowing what symptoms to look for can help you paint a clearer picture of your alcohol dependence.

Are you unable to go one day without drinking? Can you not have just one drink without snowballing into a drunken night? When you stop drinking, do you experience withdrawal symptoms? If you have said yes to one or more of these questions, you may have an addiction to alcohol. Treatment is the proper next step that can help you reclaim your life and find healing.

When individuals that have struggled with alcohol in the past achieve sobriety, they often avoid having even one drink because they understand what it can turn into. This is why it is crucial to realize that you cannot control addiction. When there is never enough alcohol to make you feel better, and you continue consuming the substance anyway, this points to a problem. Alta Loma Transformational Services can help you identify the underlying issues and set you on the right track towards sobriety. Call today to learn more about our programs at (866) 457-3843.