You may notice a tremor in your hands whenever you try to pick something up or when you are interacting with people. You have a hard time getting your hands to stop shaking which can make your anxiety symptoms worse. By learning what it is about your mental health that is causing you to shake, you will be further motivated to go into treatment for it.

How Come Intense Emotions Cause You to Shake?

Having shaky hands normally occur when you are too invested in your feelings. Your automatic nervous system controls involuntary body functions like breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, and eye dilation. Emotions such as nerves, anxiety, stress, excitement, and intense anger can trigger your automatic nervous system to enhance physiological tremors. Anytime that you feel threatened or vulnerable, your sympathetic nervous system fires up and signals your adrenal glands to release adrenaline into your body. Your heart may start to beat hard and fast, your breath quickens, and you may start to sweat or shake. This is because of your “fight or flight” responses where your body is quick to defend itself against danger. 

How Does Not Getting Enough Sleep Cause You to Shake?

Your brain starts to malfunction when you do not get enough sleep. When you sleep, your brain cells reset and repair themselves. If you are not sleeping for seven to eight hours, you are forcing your body to stay awake when it is under a lot of stress. In order to keep your body awake, your body will start pumping out adrenaline. The side effects of this include your heart working extra hard and shaky limbs. 

How Does Substance Abuse Cause You to Shake?

Those who abuse alcohol or recreational drugs can cause your hands to shake as well. That is because even when you are not in withdrawal, substance abuse can damage the cerebellum which controls balance, coordination, and fine motor skills.

What Can I Do About the Shakiness?

If you are shaking because of substance abuse, it is best to go into recovery to avoid experiencing any other serious disorders that can come from it. If the shakiness is coming from stress or lack of sleep, you may need to make lifestyle changes like improving your sleep or trying more relaxation techniques. By being in control of your mental health and substance abuse, you can stop yourself from shaking and be healthy.

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