Maintaining sobriety for days, weeks, months, or years is a phenomenal achievement that you should be proud of. However, because addiction is a chronic disease, you will have to consistently work on your recovery throughout your life. Many people find themselves in challenging moments that result in a return to drugs and alcohol, known as relapse. After a relapse, you may feel confused, lost, disappointed, frustrated, and humiliated. You may think that your recovery progress is gone because of one decision. While relapse is serious, it is not the end of the world. You are capable of picking yourself back up and finding success in sobriety again. 


Failure Is Part of Success


It has been said that “failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of it.” Keeping this quote in mind during recovery can change your perspective on your setbacks, including relapse. Relapse is extremely serious and should not be taken lightly, but it is crucial to know that it is just as much a part of your journey as your victories. You will grow stronger from this obstacle and have the opportunity to reevaluate your sobriety to maintain it longer.


Use the Opportunity for Growth


Instead of wallowing in self-pity following a relapse, viewing it as an opportunity for growth can help boost your sobriety and overall healing. Relapse shows you that you cannot slack in recovery because addiction is a lifelong disease, and learning lessons from experience is how you will maintain lifelong sobriety.


Reevaluate Your Recovery Plan


Relapse does not erase your knowledge of recovery, nor does it start you back at square one. Following a relapse, it is crucial to revise your relapse prevention plan and coping techniques in recovery. It is evident that your current methods are not working, so using relapse as a time to reevaluate your recovery plan will keep you on track and better suited to overcome obstacles thrown your way.


Relapse is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly, as not addressing it can result in straying further from a successful life in recovery. However, relapse does not erase your recovery progress or start you back at square one. Instead of viewing it as a failure, changing your perspective to see an opportunity for growth will encourage you to stay on the right track in recovery. Alta Loma Transformational Services offers programs for men in early recovery and those struggling later on. Our comprehensive care facility in Georgetown, TX, is the perfect setting for healing to take place. Call (866) 457-3843.