As you pursue sobriety, you’ll find that it requires consistent dedication and effort in order to achieve excellent results. 12-Step meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, are fantastic support groups to help you build an maintain motivation in both your recovery journey and in strengthening your relationship with God or another Higher Power. As you attend these meetings, you’re given an opportunity to listen to other people sharing their stories. It’s uplifting and inspiring to know that someone else has gone through similar struggles and that there are still healthy coping mechanisms that can be learned no matter what stage of recovery you are in.

In addition to hearing what others around you have gone through, you also have the choice as to whether or not you’ll share your personal journey. Perhaps you won’t need to share your entire life story, but rather certain moments that relate to the discussion of the meeting that evening. While it may not seem to be that important – and while it may feel comfortable to sit quietly in the back – previous research has shown that participating in 12-Step programs actively yields much better results then simply observing. Why do you think this is?

For many people in recovery, it’s much like a classroom. Participating and sharing thoughts and lived experiences help solidify what you’ve most recently learned about sobriety and the spiritual journey that you’re currently on. Rather than becoming a passive learner, you become an active one. It’s even been shown for students that if they succeed in one class, that success often expands to others.

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