When we are going through rough patches in life, we may feel ashamed to ask for help. We might think that we need to get through tough times completely on our own. We might feel weak when we reach out for support and never get the help that we need. We want to appear independent and self-sufficient. Paradoxically, though, asking for help might give us more independence and autonomy in the long run.

When we reach out for support from others or admit to ourselves that we need help, we can push through the issues holding us back. When we refuse help or continually say, “I’m fine, I don’t need anybody,” we might continue to spiral downward with our problems. If we are experiencing mental illness or addiction troubles, we might need support to get through our battles. Without some support—from friends, family, professionals, or peers in recovery—we might continue to decline and might leave ourselves susceptible to further issues.

Being healthy, independent, and autonomous means that we cannot only take on challenges but that we can admit when we are struggling. When we are too ashamed to ask for help, we may fear that others will judge us or that we will be bothering them. We may feel like our autonomy hinges upon us dealing with our problems alone. Rough patches do not need to define our lives forever. We can pull through with a guiding hand and get back to living our lives.

Getting help for a mental health disorder or addiction might be uncomfortable for us. We may have difficulty admitting when we have a problem, and we have been taught to face our struggles alone. We may feel overwhelmed yet believe that we need to fix our problems without anyone else. However, human beings are social animals. We thrive on being together and building relationships. Part of building relationships is helping one another. We can create stronger bonds with others by not only helping our friends but by leaning on them for support as well. Sometimes, our issues are too much for our family and friends to help us with, and we may need professionals to help us. Alta Loma Transformational Services is here for men struggling with addictions due to underlying mental health disorders. We understand that asking for help might be difficult; however, you deserve to live your best life. Call us today at (866) 457-3843.