When Broadway star Brandon Leffler discovered dance he found his passion. Unfortunately, the demanding life of theater led him down a spiraling path of alcohol and substance addiction that almost cost him his dream. By going into addiction recovery, Brandon Leffler returned to sweeping people off their feet with his talent, that was now fueled by his drive to never give up on his sobriety.

The Start of Brandon Leffler’s Addiction 

When Leffler started working on Broadway he lived a substance-free life. Once he began landing roles in New York city and in road productions, Leffler found himself increasingly being pulled into the unhealthy cycle of post-performance partying and sleeping it off the next day.

In 2018, achieved his dream of being cast in “Moulin Rouge,” but that dream became a nightmare when alcohol and drug abuse cost him the job. Until then, Leffler thought that he could maintain a double life of partying and performing on Broadway. Losing the role in “Moulin Rouge” forced him to wake up to the reality that he needed to get help.

Brandon Leffler Getting Help

Leffler says that his downfall was what he needed to realize he had a problem. He entered a rehabilitation facility then returned to his home in Ohio where he was surrounded by family who cared deeply about his safety and health. He thought his career in theater was over. Slowly, he began rebuilding his life by going to the gym more and going to sleep instead of partying. He severed ties with friends from the past and surrounded himself with a sober support system. During his recovery, Leffler also discovered his talent as a dance teacher. Leffler even wrote a letter to Sonya Tayeh, choreographer of Moulin, apologizing for his wrongdoing. She wrote back saying she was rooting for him.

Brandon Leffler’s Advice for Those Struggling With Addiction

Leffler encourages people struggling with addiction to reach out and ask for help. He found comfort in speaking to Broadway stars who struggled with drug abuse in the past and understood that he was not alone. He also recommends that performers reach out to The Actors Fund, which can help with the rehab process and financial aid. While Leffler understands that you cannot go back in time, there is always a chance to make a sober life with new experiences. 


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