Cleveland Clinic recently conducted a survey about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected men physically and mentally, as well as how it has influenced their daily behavior. It was found that 77% of respondents felt their stress levels increase, 59% felt isolated, and 45% said their emotional and mental health declined during this uncertain time. If men are having mental health issues as a result of this pandemic, they need to act now and speak to a mental health specialist to ensure they are getting the right care. 

What Men Are Going Through Mentally During the Pandemic 

When the men who took part in the survey were asked about their own health and stressors, they said they had worries about the economy and their family’s well-being ahead of their own personal health. Because many men view themselves as the primary breadwinner, they are worried about not being able to provide for their family if their own health suffers. Many men struggle with accepting their new roles of having to take care of their kids, keeping up with online work, household chores, and other responsibilities. Men tend to develop self-esteem knowing that they are taking care of their family. The inability to do that can be a major concern, particularly for men who were top earners in their household before the pandemic. Isolation from work colleagues, friends, and extended family has also contributed to feelings of loneliness. 

Why More Men Do Not Seek Help

Unfortunately, many men view having depression or anxiety as a weakness. The roaring stigma still stands despite our knowledge of mental health growing stronger. Cultural pressures expect men to be strong and not vulnerable, leading to a lot of men being afraid to reach out for mental health support. There needs to be more aware as to why men avoid getting the help they need. It is important to reach these men so they can understand that asking for help is a sign of strength because it means you recognize there is a problem and need to fix it. 

Hope for the Future

The study showed that 70% of men wore protective masks, while 30% have not. Additionally, 51% of respondents ages 18-34 have been avoiding large groups of people. Men who were either married or had children under the age of 18 were more likely to treat COVID-19 prevention more seriously. Being aware of the dangers COVID-19 presents and taking necessary precautions can take a toll on your mental health, so having a positive support system and treating your mental health symptoms is important.

Mental health is a priority that we often take for granted. During the COVID-19 pandemic, men are struggling to try to make money for their families and control their mental health symptoms. Social distancing is leaving men feeling isolated and lonely. We may not have control over this pandemic, but we can take control over COVID-19 prevention and our mental health symptoms. The stigma of mental illness is so strong that many men are afraid to admit they need treatment. This is where Alta Loma’s transformative facility comes in. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we will make it our priority to guide you in the right direction for treating your mental health. Our services include a full psychiatric evaluation, individualized therapy, therapeutic recreational activities, medication management, life skills education, and so much more. For more information about our services, do not be afraid to reach out to us today at (866) 457-3843.