A person in need of a residential program to treat their mental illness is likely interested in COVID-19 Compliant Treatment. They may fear entering a group setting for treatment, due to safety concerns related to the Coronavirus. People who need the intensive help that a residential facility offers cite concern over the safety factors of living in one, often resulting in putting off much needed help. 

Our COVID-19 Compliant Treatment Begins Before You Arrive

Alta Loma is dedicated to providing safe treatment for those in need. We address the risk of COVID-19 before you even check in. We screen incoming clients via telephone two days before they arrive. Our guests receive daily temperature checks and symptom screening for the safety of residents and staff. We value the physical health of our residents as much as their mental health. Our six-bed facility offers room for residents to maintain social distancing, allowing for peace of mind when working on your mental health. 

A Trained and Educated Staff

We follow the CDC and Texas Department of Health Guidelines related to COVID-19 Compliant Treatment in our Primary, Outpatient and Extended Care facilities. We receive daily updates from the CDC, Texas Department of Health, and our local Health Department. Alta Loma utilizes environmentally safe disinfecting products multiple times per day. We also supply staff and guests with PPE and hand sanitizer. Our visitation policies are guided by directives supplied by State regulators and the Health Department, allowing our guests to maintain safe communication with their loved ones. 


COVID-19 has forced people to change how they work, socialize, and live. When someone needs the intensive care that a residential mental health program offers, it’s only natural that they are wary of how safe a close living environment is during a health crisis. Alta Loma takes the physical health of its residents and staff seriously and has put in place a system that allows for staying safe while learning to manage mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorder. We screen all incoming clients and provide daily temperature and symptom checks, as well as access to hand sanitizer and PPE to our residents. Our policies related to social distancing within the facility, in addition to any contact with outsiders, gives peace of mind to those who need to concentrate on their mental health. Call (866) 457-3843 today to find out more about our COVID-19 Compliant Treatment.