Professional treatment is the most effective strategy for combating substance use disorder. A 2006 study reveals that 62% of individuals who sought professional assistance for a SUD were succeeding in recovery three years after treatment, whereas only 43% of those who did not seek professional help saw progress in recovery. Nearly 57% of those who triumphed three years after treatment were still sober after a total of 16 years.

Starting your recovery journey with a mental health professional will be your best option. Enrolling in a residential treatment program will further benefit you, as you will have constant access to healthcare professionals, medical and therapeutic treatment, and a supportive community.

What Are Residential Treatment Centers?

Residential treatment centers invite individuals struggling with addiction to live in a facility for an extended period of time. Mental health professionals will work with you in the earliest stages of recovery, such as detox and withdrawal, and subsequently, help you develop a plan for recovery. A consultation will help you decide how long you should spend at the facility.

What Programs Are Offered at These Facilities?

The best inpatient treatment programs feature a combination of medically supported treatments, such as medically supported maintenance care, and therapy options. Each facility offers a different array of programs depending on their specialization. The objective of all programs is to instill you with the skills to manage your addiction and live a sober life.

What Happens When You Leave?

The goal of these programs is to provide you with effective tools to live a happy life outside of the facility; thus, you will need to implement the strategies developed during these programs in your daily life. When your time at a facility is over, you will be able to practice the skills you learned in the program and use them to combat SUD at home, work, and everywhere you go in-between.

The facility will help you find 12-Step programs, therapy options, and support groups that suit your lifestyle. They may also conduct follow-up interviews to confirm that you are feeling mentally and emotionally healthy as you continue to recover outside of the residential treatment center.

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