When thinking of Kevin Love, depression and anxiety weren’t things most people associated with the NBA All-Star. Love seemed to have it all; a professional sports career, fame, and a very comfortable income. Then in November 2017, the Cleveland Cavalier experienced his first panic attack while playing in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. Baffled by what was going on, he had to leave the game. 

Love sought treatment from a therapist and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. He chose to go public with his diagnoses, letting fans and the media know what happened. His bravery in opening up about the details of his condition has been widely lauded. 

Men Are Reluctant to Discuss Their Mental Health

Men are socialized to believe showcasing their masculinity is important. Athletes, in particular, are expected to minimize their physical pain. Admitting to emotional distress is practically taboo. Many men are reluctant to address having mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, for fear of looking weak or vulnerable. 

Taking the Stigma Out of Asking for Help

Kevin Love started the Kevin Love Fund to help people recognize how important their mental health is and reach out for help. Turning a negative into a positive empowered him to continue managing his own depression and anxiety, as well as provide others with resources and support. Alta Loma offers expert treatment for depression, anxiety, and other issues in a men-only setting. We help men overcome the stigma of discussing their mental health, allowing them to manage ongoing conditions and any needed medication.


Men are taught to hide their pain, including physical, mental, and emotional pain. Society makes it difficult for men to discuss topics like their own mental health, due to a fear of being perceived as weak or unable to solve their own problems without help. Basketball star Kevin Love has helped pave the way for men to understand that it’s healthy to discuss issues they face, such as depression and anxiety. Alta Loma recognizes that depression and anxiety are serious illnesses that cannot be ignored. Our experts can treat and manage co-occurring mental health issues, as well as assist in treating any addiction to drugs or alcohol. We provide initial stabilization coordination, residential treatment, and extended care. Alta Loma offers individual and group treatment, support from physicians, therapists, and even nutritional counseling. Call (866) 457-3843 today for more information about our Austin area facility and how we can help you.