A study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment found associations between methamphetamine use and dropping out of treatment for opioid-use disorder (OUD). Methamphetamines are a class of drugs that are highly addictive stimulants which affect the central nervous system.

The study found that the use of methamphetamines doubled the risk for patients to drop out of treatment for OUD. 


The Study and Its Implications

The researchers utilized almost 800 people involved in treatment programs to study the relationship between methamphetamine use and OUD. The results confirmed that those using methamphetamines had twice the risk of dropping out of treatment for their OUD than those not using.

The problem is that there are not reputable or available treatments for methamphetamine addiction, although its use is increasing. For example, almost 70% of law enforcement agencies located in the Pacific and West Central regions of the United States report methamphetamine as the greatest threat in their areas. 


The Challenges of Dealing With OUD and Staying in Treatment

Dealing with substance use disorders (SUDs) is hard enough on its own. Having co-addictions, or dealing with two addictions at one time, creates even more challenges.

The challenges include issues dealing with daily life, which may be so hard to handle that treatment and recovery become difficult to maintain. A large number of patients with co-occurring methamphetamine use and OUD are homeless and may utilize stimulants such as methamphetamines to keep themselves awake at night so they may be alert and feel safe in their surroundings.

Furthermore, patients in treatment report the pervasiveness of the drug on the streets and find it is hard to control their cravings when the drug is so readily available. 


Trouble Coping With A Substance Use Disorder and Maintaining Treatment?

Treating SUDs involves constantly re-evaluating and reconfiguring treatment options. The development of treatment models to support those entering treatment for co-occurring SUDs is essential to entering treatment and maintaining recovery. Dealing with two separate addictions creates more challenges and roadblocks to treatment.


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