Exercising has several physical benefits, but it can also do wonders for your mental health. Barbara Nosal, Ph.D. from Newport Academy, says that half an hour or more of daily exercise can increase serotonin. This chemical is a feel-good transmitter linked to mood and social behavior. The next time you are in a low mood, pick an exercise to do that will make you feel good.

How Can Hiking Boost Your Mood?

A 2013 Harvard study proved that walking is beneficial for your mental health. Walking 35 minutes a day for five weeks improved symptoms of mild to moderate depression in test subjects. Try to find an area where there is a lot of trees or greenery to look at, as natural scenery can help reduce stress. It can also help to listen to music or invite a friend to come hike with you. Being out in the fresh air, away from anything that can trigger negative feelings, will make you feel healthy and safe.

How Can Dancing Boost Your Mood?

Dancing can help keep your heart pumping as well as improve your balance and strength. A study in PLOS One showed that dancing can increase anxiety, self-esteem, and psychological well-being. You can try dancing in your room to a dance cardio video online or join a class with friends. You can also try to listen to different genres of music. See which ones make you feel good when you dance, whether it is Zumba or salsa.

How Can Yoga Boost Your Mood?

Yoga is a calming exercise to boost your mood and decrease stress levels. Harvard Medical School’s Stress Resource Center says that yoga reduces perceived stress and anxiety. With each pose, your heart rate is reduced as well as your blood pressure and respiration. Learn about each yoga pose and see which techniques work best for you.

How Can Weight Lifting Boost Your Mood?

Getting physically strong can make you mentally strong too. Before starting a program, it is essential to meet with a trainer so that you do not hurt yourself. Proper exercising every day will help you feel good physically and mentally for the rest of the day.

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