Spiritual practices like tarot cards and astrology have been seen a lot in wellness culture because of Twitter and horoscope apps. When people are normally stressed out, they want to know why that is. By reading your horoscope and examining your birth chart, you can help get a better sense of what gets you upset and what makes you hopeful for the future.

How can Tarot Cards and Astrology Be Tools for Self-Awareness?

Astrology uses the movement of the planet through different zodiac signs to reveal the future of our lives. Birth charts are more complicated as information about your personality and tendencies are revealed based on where the planets were positioned when you were born. Tarot cards are 78 cards with images that show different archetypes, symbols, and situations. These images represent human experience encounters. 

Astrology can help understand ourselves and where we can self-sabotage. This can help you recognize not just your strengths but negative thinking or behavioral patterns. Horoscopes can be big reminders that negative feelings and experiences are shared by others who are the same star sign as you and that these feelings are just temporary. This is just like with therapy where you are taught what you are experiencing now and seeing how things could be different in the future. Tarot cards can be good for self-reflection to check in with yourself and explore thoughts and feelings.

What are the Flaws in Using Tarot Cards and Astrology for Mental Health?

Astrology is pseudoscience whereas psychology comes from empirical evidence. Looking towards your birthing chart is to explain your experiences and circumstances can cause blame instead of taking responsibility for our choices or how to make things right. While astrology can be a fun way to make discoveries of yourself, overwhelming issues you are experiencing should be consulted with towards a therapist. 

Astrology should never be a substitute for therapy but something complimentary to understanding yourself. Learning about yourself through astrology, on the other hand, can be great conversation starters during therapy about how you view yourself and the world. While it is perfectly fine to invest in tarot cards and horoscopes, it is also important that you expand your range in other mental health tools. This means prioritizing your sleep, keeping yourself socialized, and no unhealthy activities. Astrology can help open the doors to self-discovery, but therapy can teach you how to solve deep problems.

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