Are Schizophrenics Dangerous?

2023-09-25T17:23:39-04:00February 22nd, 2023|

People living with mental illnesses are often misunderstood. While information about schizophrenia and related conditions such as schizoaffective disorder is freely available, unfounded myths persist, adding to mental health misconceptions. Let's bust some of these [...]

The Power of Acceptance

2023-02-13T10:11:21-05:00February 2nd, 2023|

Mental health is not something to take lightly: it's an ongoing journey toward self-acceptance and growth. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself—you don't need to strive for perfection; just recognize the small wins that [...]

9 Mental Health Tips for 2023

2023-01-26T23:30:59-05:00January 19th, 2023|

Your mental wellness affects all aspects of your daily life, from dealing with stress to how you relate and respond to others. While many New Year’s resolutions include physical fitness goals, mental health is [...]

Why Choose Therapy Over Self-Treatment?

2023-01-30T10:10:33-05:00January 8th, 2023|

Are you on the fence about seeking help for behavior, mood or other issues impacting your life? Maybe you’re not sure that looking into a therapeutic wilderness program is the right step for you. [...]

How is Depression Different for Men?

2023-01-30T10:08:25-05:00December 8th, 2022|

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 21 million adults in the United States have struggled with major depression. While women struggle at twice the rate of men, some barriers to recognizing depression [...]

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