Caring for your mental health with individual and group counseling, art therapy and other modalities can significantly improve your long-term quality of life. However, knowing what to consider when looking for mental health treatment can be challenging.

At Alta Loma, we provide a secure, stable environment where men can transform their lives when suffering from substance abuse, mental illness or a dual diagnosis.

We diagnose mental health conditions and create comprehensive treatment plans designed to support positive change and recovery.

Why Is Treatment for Mental Health Issues So Important?

Mental health issues can affect everything from your ability to work and go to school to your relationships with family and loved ones. You aren’t alone if you’re struggling to cope with your emotions and exhibit concerning behavioral symptoms.

Unfortunately, the National Alliance on Mental Health estimates that 59% of people with mental illness in the United States don’t receive treatment. What’s more, approximately 10% of the 46 million American adults who have mental health disorders have co-occurring addiction issues.

That’s why getting help and knowing what to consider when looking for mental health treatment is important.

Why Is Treatment for Mental Health Issues So Important?

Read on to see how Alta Loma can help and contact us today!

Assistance With Reintegration

Alta Loma focuses on your personal goals for life after your stay at a mental health treatment center. Our programs are designed to help you function well in real-world settings and hone your communication skills to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

The structured environment encourages you to take steps toward freedom as you earn new privileges for meeting program goals (attending family therapy and participating in art therapy, for example).

Seamless Continuum of Care

As you progress through your program, each phase builds on the previous level of care.

This results in highly personalized treatment approaches incorporating evidence-based resources such as cognitive behavioral therapy, supporting long-term recovery from chronic mental health disorders and co-occurring addiction.

Recovery-Focused Amenities

Alta Loma is a spacious property with private and semi-private rooms on landscaped acres. Three houses each have space for up to nine men.

You’ll be able to develop or keep up with your fitness routine at our well-appointed gym. The campus also has a swimming pool, a basketball court, outdoor seating and a fitness trail. You can even go fishing in our stocked pond, take a stroll, and spend time with miniature donkeys and goats grazing in a picturesque pasture.

Our nutritional program helps alleviate the effects of prescribed medications on appetite and weight. You’ll have the opportunity to attend weekly nutrition groups and receive a personalized meal plan developed by a nutritionist for your specific health treatment, concerns and goals.

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Types of Mental Health Services at Alta Loma

Alta Loma is a comprehensive substance abuse and mental health treatment center specializing in behavioral and cognitive therapies.

The Ranch offers supportive housing with a partial hospitalization program that provides a constant connection with your mental health care team.

We diagnose mental health conditions and provide an array of treatment approaches depending on your individual needs, including:

  • Psychotherapy is guided by a mental health provider. Your therapist will help you express emotions and learn healthy ways to cope with mental health conditions. Subtypes of therapy include dialectical behavior therapy, family therapy, exposure therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Managing medications is essential to addressing substance abuse and underlying mental health conditions. Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) is the use of medication and counseling and behavior therapies.
  • Support groups are a great way to learn from others with similar mental health needs. These sessions help you develop a good relationship with your peers and share resources and factors that facilitate long-term recovery. 
  • Life skills Developmentwill help you develop healthy habits and coping skills that support real-world success, such as career courses and medication management. Life skills groups help you develop skills for independent daily living, self-awareness, healthy communication, substance use and mental health triggers, job skills and self-sufficiency. 
  • Recreational therapy is a unique program that helps you build social connections while getting exercise and relieving stress. You’ll enjoy two outings every week, with activities such as disc golf, bookstore and coffee shop visits, laser tag, sporting events, biking, bowling and hiking.
  • Community integration programs keep you apprised of community service opportunities and other resources so you can connect with the neighborhood and participate in meaningful programs. This includes volunteer opportunities, transitional housing, help with employment and ongoing peer support groups.

We provide comprehensive mental health services for men. Your mental health provider will take a thorough health history, review your symptoms and create a personalized treatment plan.

We care for clients with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, avoidant personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder, as well as dual diagnosis of any of these conditions with substance abuse disorder.

Long-term mental health treatment is available in Texas

And Alta Loma is Texas’ #1 Men’s-focused program

How to Choose a Mental Health Treatment Plan

Keep these important factors in mind when selecting a mental health services center to guide your behavioral health treatments:

  • Understand what type of mental health provider you should see. A psychiatrist can assess mental illness and provide treatment, including prescription medication. Psychologists also diagnose and treat mental health conditions. Therapists and counselors focus on talk therapy, and their mental health services vary by state licensing requirements. 
  • Research each mental health professional on your list. Find out whether they specialize in mental health disorders, substance use or another practice area. Read reviews to learn more about their mental health services and explore education, training, cost and session length.
  • Set up a short call with each mental health provider you’re interested in seeing. Most mental health providers will welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and discuss their approach to diagnosis, treatment plans, interpersonal therapy and other areas.
  • Schedule an initial consultation with the person who seems like the right match. During your first appointment, see how well you relate to the provider’s communication style. You can also learn more about how they improve mental health for someone with similar concerns.
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Start Your Journey Today in Texas

When you’re ready to begin your journey to better mental health and a substance-free lifestyle, you can receive integrative treatment from professional mental health providers at Alta Loma in Georgetown, Texas.

Our approach to improving mental health includes four levels of care. You’ll start with initial stabilization, then transition through primary care and extended care. Finally, you’ll move into a supportive living environment where you can continue benefiting from our care continuum.

Alta Loma is ready to serve as your mental health provider if you’re ready to start living a healthy life beyond mental illness. Reach out today to set up a consultation with a mental health professional who can offer more information about our services and help determine whether we can diagnose and treat your mental health conditions.