Mental illness is a chronic condition that can affect anyone regardless of age, life situation or social status. Social stigmas often make men feel they should “tough it out” or leave therapy as quickly as possible, so they don’t appear weak. In fact, men need long-term care options that uncover the roots of their issues instead of suppressing them.

Alta Loma provides treatment for addiction and mental illnesses in a clean, safe environment tailored to men’s health. Men with these conditions may find answers and learn how to move on with their lives.

Mental Health Services – Terrell Hills, TX

If you or someone you care about is struggling to address your need for mental health, Alta Loma could mean the difference between relapse and long-term recovery

Adult man suffering from mental health issues and substance use disorders.

Schizophrenia Treatment for Men Near Terrell Hills, TX

Schizophrenia is a severe condition that makes it difficult for individuals to distinguish their delusions from reality. When symptoms start, they may experience hallucinations, delusions, paranoid thoughts and strange behaviors, such as speaking in confusing, disjointed sentences.

People with schizophrenia may also experience depression-like symptoms, such as fatigue, self-isolation, loss of pleasure and difficulty expressing emotion. Friends may notice sudden changes in behavior that gradually worsen until the symptoms become distressing.

Schizophrenia treatment for men near Terrell Hills, TX, can include inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization programs. Residents may receive psychiatric assessments, 12-step support, medication management and comprehensive care coordination that stabilizes their condition.

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Personality Disorder Treatment Near Terrell Hills, TX

Personality disorders are groups of traits and behaviors that interfere with normal functioning. Men with Cluster A disorders may exhibit strange or paranoid behaviors. Cluster B disorders can cause recklessness, impulsive behavior and excessive emotional reactions, while Cluster C disorders are characterized by anxiety and avoidance.

Diagnosable personality disorders include:

  • Paranoid personality disorder
  • Schizoid personality disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Narcissistic personality disorder
  • Antisocial personality disorder
  • Dependent personality disorder

An individual might not realize he has a personality disorder until he receives a diagnosis because he assumed his thoughts were logical. Getting a diagnosis lets you seek personality disorder treatment near Terrell Hills, TX, which could include therapy, medication, behavioral analysis and mentorships.

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Image of a man with Personality Disorder that needs long-term treatment at Alta Loma.
Image of a man with bipolar disorder that needs long-term treatment at Alta Loma

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Near Terrell Hills, TX

Men with bipolar disorder suffer from extreme mood swings that can last for months. Manic phases are characterized by excessive energy that causes restlessness, euphoria, insomnia and reckless behavior, such as sudden anger outbursts. During depressive phases, individuals feel weary, hopeless and pessimistic.

A doctor could prescribe you bipolar I or bipolar II. Men with bipolar I experience intense manic phases that last for a week or more. Bipolar II has less intense manic episodes, but individuals have depressive episodes for at least 2 weeks. Your genetics and environment could make you predisposed to developing bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder treatment near Terrell Hills, TX, may include therapy and medication to stabilize your mood. Doctors may suggest positive life changes, such as finding a new job, that ease the depressive periods.

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Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment Near Terrell Hills, TX

Schizoaffective disorder combines the symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to produce a separate diagnosis. Symptoms can include paranoia, hallucinations and delusions, such as believing that celebrities are sending them secret messages. Men with this disorder might have trouble communicating and expressing emotions.

Bipolar-type schizoaffective disorder has manic and depressive episodes. Individuals might feel excited, restless and energetic for a while and then fall into periods of depression and suicidal thoughts. Depressive-type schizoaffective disorder is similar but without manic episodes.

When men seek schizoaffective disorder treatment near Terrell Hills, TX, Alta Loma might recommend the Primary Program and extended care. Our team can integrate addiction treatment into our plans for individuals who also struggle with substance abuse.

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Image of a man with Schizoaffective Disorder that needs long-term mental health treatment at Alta Loma.
Group therapy session during Schizoaffective Disorder treatment.

Men’s Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Near Terrell Hills, TX

Men who abuse substances, such as alcohol, opioids and prescription drugs, often suffer from mental illnesses. Conditions like anxiety, schizophrenia and PTSD can drive people to seek out substances when other treatments fail. The drugs provide temporary relief, but users become increasingly dependent until their addiction interferes with their lives.

Addiction can also feed mental illness. Some substances erode the individual’s ability to feel pleasure, increasing their depressive symptoms. Others experience increased paranoia and delusions. Mental health and addiction symptoms can be so similar that individuals need psychiatric help to get answers.

Men’s co-occurring disorder treatment near Terrell Hills, TX, deals with various combinations, such as depression and alcoholism or anxiety and Xanax abuse.

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Alta Loma Is the #1 Long-Term Mental Health Team near San Antonio

Alta Loma provides comprehensive treatment for mental health and addiction issues. Men who enter our program start with initial stabilization. Afterward, they may enter the Primary Program, which offers meals, recovery groups, life skills classes and meditation periods. Group and individual therapy help residents process their issues and learn coping skills.

Extended care and sober living programs help residents transition back to their daily lives while decreasing the risk of relapse. Each person’s support group includes nurses, therapists, mentors and case managers who encourage them to build relationships, return to school or seek employment. Goal review helps residents set goals and celebrate accomplishments.

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