One of the most challenging moments of recovery involves waking up and getting to know what life is without substances or mental health afflictions. At the beginning of our recovery journey, we could feel a bitter sense of emptiness at times. Sometimes it’s a specific life event or substance abuse that brings out that empty feeling, and other times it stems from an underlying mental health issue that we’ve left unaddressed for many years.

The Spiritual Journey

Recovery is just as much a spiritual journey as it is a mental and physical one. For a long time, we may feel as though we’re wandering around aimlessly with no sense of direction or purpose and no true connection. Some people would describe that feeling of emptiness as a lack of love from ourselves and from a Higher Power. Perhaps we’ve gone far too long without trying to build that connection, and that’s why we feel so utterly alone. When this occurs, we don’t see ourselves as worthy, loveable, responsible, or deserving of good. The spiritual path, however, can be visited at any time. By strengthening this path, we’ll find that we are capable, worthy, and deserving of a fulfilling life.

Release and Healing

Recovery is about becoming more open to the world and to ourselves. It involves giving, opening our hands and being more present in our daily lives. 12-Step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), promote mental health and recovery by helping people open their mind, body, and soul towards God or another Higher Power. Those who’ve never felt the presence of someone up above know that it’s a long, lonely road. However, with spirituality involved, we can release the pain of the past and begin onwards towards a path of healing. Studies have also shown that feeling that divine love can increase our sense of giving towards others. In turn, we’re less likely to relapse and more likely to work on our own character development.

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