Social media is pervasive at this day in age: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other evolving platforms constantly fill up hours of the day until we’ve scrolled through other people’s lives so extensively that we’ve lost track of our own responsibilities. Of course, we all have different reasons for why we utilize social media. Some of us prefer to keep in touch with friends from long distance, while others simply enjoy the entertainment that these applications can provide. Those in recovery typically want nothing more than to live a “normal” life, one filled with friends, family, and responsibilities, without the weight of mental health issues, alcohol or drugs bringing them down. The biggest question to ask yourself is this: “How does social media fit into recovery?”

Benefits of Social Media During Recovery

There are several ways that social media can serve as an added benefit to our recovery, but it’s only if we’re using it the right way, and monitoring how often we approach social media. For instance, if we’re using social media to reconnect with loved ones, standing up for key issues, or using these digital platforms to support others, it can be beneficial to our recovery. However, there are other uses and ways that social media can bring us down.

How Can Social Media Use Impact Us Negatively?

Let’s face it: social media is addictive. We can easily spend hours looking at and comparing our lives to others, and this can perpetuate habits that seep into other very important areas of our recovery paths.


There’s a high possibility that at some point on social media, we’ll run into posts and images about other people partying or seeming like their lives are completely perfect. When holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other events roll around, it’s a prime time for people to “show off” what they’ve been doing. For someone who is in recovery, it can be hard not to compare their journey to someone else’s. In instances like these, the best action that can be taken is to avoid social media altogether and to simply focus on oneself because we’re all on different journeys.

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